Speakers & Presentations

Crow Wing County Master Gardeners are great speakers!

Master Gardeners in Crow Wing County offer public presentations on many different horticulture-related topics.

Your group can request a Master Gardener to present at your meeting, program or any event where there is an audience eager to learn about gardening.

The public presentations offered by Crow Wing County Master Gardeners are scheduled through the Program Coordinator. Normal scheduling requires at least two weeks advanced notice. Every effort will be made to find a speaker for every request received but please keep in mind that Master Gardeners are volunteers. Usually an honorarium is suggested for a public presentation. Please call the Program Coordinator for additional information regarding honorarium.





  • Growing, Storing and Enjoying Dahlias
  • Lilies:  Aristocrats of the Garden
  • Spring and Autumn Bulbs for Northern Gardens


  • Growing Hardy Roses Up North
  • Hostas:  From Minis to Giants
  • Two Old-fashioned Favorites: Peonies and Clematis 


  • ​​Add Color to Your Landscape with Flowering Shrubs
  • Trees:  Choose Wisely and Plant Properly


  • Beginner's Kitchen Garden
  • Cool Weather Crops:  Asparagus and Rhubarb
  • Edible Landscaping
  • Art of the Kitchen Garden
  • Growing Great Vegetables
  • Kitchen Garden to the Table:  Eating What You Grow
  • Lemons for your Kitchen Garden
  • Tomatoes:  Seeds to Saucepan
  • Victory Gardens
  • How to Grow Great Tomatoes


  • Herbs:  Garden to Table                                                                                       


  • Planning the Perfect Garden
  • The Moon Garden
  • Welcome to the Shady Garden
  • The Pleasures of the Cottage Garden


  • Composting
  • Plant Natives - Attract Pollinators
  • Water wisely - Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Planet
  • Worm-Composting (vermicomposting)


  • An Invitation to the Garden:  Creating the Perfect Setting for Outdoor Entertaining
  • Beginner Gardening:  How to Get Started
  • Beware!  Within the Plant Kingdom Lurks Evil! (Poisonous plants)
  • City Chickens: Keeping a Backyard Flock
  • Flower Gardening 101
  • Flowers 101 
  • Forsythe Pot (short)
  • Garden Myths
  • Garden Voices:  Writers in the Garden 
  • Holiday Pizzazz - Using Plants in Your Holiday Decor
  • Houseplants
  • Houseplants:  Clean Air Machines
  • Introduction to Asexual Plant Propagation
  • Miniature Gardens
  • No Deer! Not My Garden Tonight
  • The Beekeeper's Garden
  • Houseplants: Clean Air Machines
  • Growing a Minnesota Cutting Garden
  • How to Create Sensational Pots and Planters
  • Cool-Weather Crops from the Kitchen Garden 
  • Facts or Fiction: Garden Mythis Meet Research Based Science
  • Weather and Your Garden
  • Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
  • Attracting Birds and Butterflies to Your Garden
  • Dahlias