2018 Ready, Set, Grow! Garden Expo Resources


Daylilies - The Perfect Perennials by Jackie Froemming

Miniature Gardens by Jennifer knutson

Container Gardening by Julie Schroer and Jodi Ramsay

Birdscaping Your Backyard by Judd Brink of MN Backyard Birds

Beware! Within the Plant Kingdom Lurks Evil by Jennifer Knutson

New and Exciting Perennials by Julie Schroer and Jodi Ramsay

Beginning Beekeeping by Larry Chismar

Soil: A Gardener's Perspective by JoAnn Weaver

Home Grown - Vegetable Gardening from Start to Finish by JoAnn Weaver

Site Specific Perennials by Michael Heger

Pruning Woody Plants by Theri Wasniewski

Native Pollinator Friendly Plants for Stormwater Landscaping - Shoreline Stabilization - Habitat Restoration by Crow Wing SWCD

Herbs - Garden to Table by JoAnn Weaver

Growing Up: Verticle Gardening by JoAnn Weaver

Hardy Roses for Up North

Backyard Home Composting Guide by Deborah L. Brown

Worm Compost Instructions by Recycling Assoc. of MN

Rain Garden Plan by Crow Wing SWCD